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If you want to set up a group:

This free facility offers Medical Mycology groups anywhere in the world to have the following web resources:

  • Your own permanent URL & webpage with Group Description
  • Your own News  page
  • Your own Blog
  • Comments between group members
  • Group forum
  • Works on a computer, phone and any web browser

Each group needs its own administrator who will manage members (with support from us). Suitable training will be available

To set up a new group, email and state name and email address of admin, name and country of society/group. Once this is set up you will need to study our Training video (NOTE the video shows a slightly earlier version of this website, there have been a few changes but you should still be able to follow it).

If you want to Join a group

To join a group you must join our community first. To do this you need to register with this website. You must confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the email we send you.

Once registered you can login on this page

You can then browse groups here, and click ‘Join Group‘ to join.

You can now set your email options, read group news, make new comments that will be received by all group members and respond to their comments, send invites to other site members, read documents uploaded by admin.

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