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    The 3rd Invasive Fungal Infection Forum was organised by the Medical Mycology Society of Nigeria. At least fifty health care workers consisting of doctors, pharmacists and laboratory scientists converged in Lagos to learn more about invasive fungal infections.
    This year’s sessions have proven to be more robust than previous years with faculty from CDC, Atlanta in the United States, the NICD in South Africa and colleagues from Manchester, UK.Emerging fungal infections like Emergomyces species and Candida auris were discussed in detail. The neglected mycoses Histoplasmosis was also addressed.
    Despite the international contributions, this year’s forum felt especially home-grown because for the first time, a substantial proportion of data sets were indegenious. This was a marker of medical mycology truly taking root in Nigeria. Notable epidemiological studies include ‘The Histoplasmin Skin Sensitivity Survey which showed a prevalence of 4.4% and the Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis screen among treatment failure and smear negative TB patients which showed a prevalence of 8.9%.
    Interesting discussion sessions accompanied the presentations on antifungal resistance in Candida species and Histoplasmosis in Africans.
    There were also practical laboratory and radiology sessions.
    The forum closes on the 7th of April with a meeting of the Medical Mycology Society of Nigeria.
    The IFI forum is an annual training event geared towards raising awareness ofinvasive fungal infections in Nigeria.

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