Medical Mycology Groups Worldwide

The Fungal Infection Trust and National Aspergillosis Centre in Manchester, UK recognise the need to improve communication and networking between medical mycology colleagues, societies and groups. Some medical mycology societies have their own websites or pages on Facebook and many societies are listed on the following websites:

However many listed do not have a website, Facebook page or other means to independently assert their presence on the internet for the benefit of their members and to promote awareness in their own countries and internationally. We hope that this website will help.

Societies and other groups can join this community of medical mycologists whereupon they will be given their own page, URL and discussion groups to use for their own purposes and to publicise their own events. Members of different groups can communicate with each other to support international cooperation and collaboration.

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This website is supported by the Communications Team at the National Aspergillosis Centre and the Fungal Infection Trust.

Societies of groups wishing to set up a page for their own use should contact us at

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